Be Precise. Use PropData


Who sends the letters?
We use a mailing house to deal with mailing fulfilment. This enables us to maximise bulk postage savings which we pass on to you.

Do you provide a copy of the data in excel?
No, we don’t send you the data in a file but we do send you a link so that you can review the data and decide whether you want to exclude any entries from the mailing process. This approach also avoids you becoming the Data Controller for the purpose of GDPR.

How often is your data updated?
Some areas are more frequent than others and the refresh rate ranges from monthly to annually with the average data age being 2 months.

Who do you address letter to?
Where we have a contact name then we will address letters to that person. Where we don’t have contact names you can either address to the Finance Director, Operations Director or you can use our cost effective in-house research team to identify the appropriate contacts.

Do you have email addresses?
We can obtain email addresses as part of an enhanced research function.

I want to follow up some of the letters – do you have phone numbers and email addresses?
Where we have this information we will provide you with access along with a private note function that enables you to follow up whichever leads you feel are appropriate.

Can you repeat mail?
Once you have purchased the data you can repeat mail as many times as you wish within a 12 month period for 50% of the data costs, obviously subject to the mailing fulfilment/postage costs.

Do you sell subscriptions to the data?
The data isn’t generally available as a subscription but we provide access to Agents/Funds/Propco’s who we collaborate with. Speak to us for more details.

Is the data GDPR Compliant?
We use ‘Legitimate Interest’ as the basis for storing and using data in accordance with ICO recommendations.