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Off-The-Shelf Lists

Whilst PropData allows precise targeting to meet your exact requirements we’ve developed a number of regional and national generic data packages that are immediately available.  We’re continually improving data quality and building new data packages. If you don’t see what you need then ask for a bespoke quote.

Trade Counters – regional and national lists available
Defining trade counter occupiers isn’t as straight forward as you might at first think. Our lists are based on specific property types and size ranges in each region allowing you to target national or regional multi-site occupiers with a degree of accuracy that’s not previously been available.   

Big Shed Occupiers – regional and national lists available.
Our Big Shed category looks is based on occupiers of sheds over 75,000 sqft  on a regional or national basis. Our data is comprehensive, covering 97% of the country.

Multiple Office Occupiers
A similar concept to Big Sheds’s, our office data is based on occupiers of more than 10,000 sq ft and available on a regional or national basis.

At a time when endless emails are ignored or go straight to spam, sending hard copy brochures is experiencing a resurgence because it works.

Precisely identify the target audience using the UK’s most accurate property identification system.

Get in touch to discuss your data requirements and we can tailor a campaign to meet your requirements

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